5 Online Learning Platforms For Personalized Education


Online learning platforms allow learners to tailor their
education at their own pace, with instructors or teachers giving feedback as to
their progress.

Walk-Thrus are self-service features designed to assist
learners in navigating content with clear on-screen directions and earning
achievements that encourage learners and promote a sense of achievement.


WalkMe is a digital adoption platform (DAP) designed to
facilitate user guidance, on-demand support and automation within websites,
mobile applications or enterprise software applications. Users can leverage
WalkMe from reactive support to proactive engagement thereby increasing
productivity and efficiency.

WalkMe can help users learn to use an application by
providing an instructional overlay that guides them through each step. It can
also aid them in navigating complex applications by offering contextual help
that is either initiated by them directly, or can be triggered based on events
occurring within the system. Furthermore, WalkMe can be used for on-demand help
for both users and administrators ensuring they get all of the right
information at exactly the right time.

Many users have praised WalkMe for its versatility and ease
of integration within their platforms. Users have relied on it as a tool for
employee and customer onboarding, for navigating users through complex
processes, automating common tasks and streamlining operations. Furthermore,
this software has also been utilized as an efficient training solution for new
system implementations, decreasing training requirements while helping
transition smoothly for users.

TeachMe, another feature offered by WalkMe, allows
organizations to encapsulate Walk-Thrus and guidance elements into learning
modules or courses for users directly interacting with site systems;
eliminating the need to switch back and forth between systems or screens which
is often time consuming for many.

WalkMe offers many features and is ideal for companies with
large user bases who must quickly onboard newcomers. However, its
implementation and ongoing management require significant resources, and its
annual price starts at $9,000; additionally users may become frustrated at
being required to enter administrative credentials for downloading or
installing WalkMe which can hinder adoption by non-technical staff and lead to
reduced productivity and frustration.



EdApp is a cloud-based LMS with many intuitive features
designed to aid online learning. From its SCORM authoring tool and fully
editable courseware to Rapid Refresh quiz maker and Brain Boost spaced
repetition tool, EdApp makes creating personalized content easy while Brain
Boost’s spaced repetition feature will ensure key learnings remain embedded
into learners. Furthermore, EdApp provides virtual classroom sessions so teams
can conduct training sessions efficiently online.

Gamification features like badges and points provide team
members with incentive to complete assignments. This works across all types of
lessons; even motivating teams to participate in discussions. Gamification
features can also reward top performers or put pressure on stragglers – helping
you create an improved learning culture and encourage employees to take charge
of their education.

Utilizing real-life examples and scenarios to illustrate
new concepts can help learners retain information more easily while remaining
focused on their tasks. Furthermore, this approach may enable them to see how
new knowledge will apply directly to their job and enhance performance – an
especially helpful method for those newer to the field and can make learning
feel more connected.

Online learning offers users the freedom to work from any
location, which greatly increases learner engagement and motivation. However,
it is essential that educators balance technology use with traditional teaching
methods for optimal student results.

The Edapp platform is optimized for mobile devices, making
it easier than ever before to deliver training at exactly the right moment. Its
user-friendly interface and customizable push notifications enable direct
delivery of courses and quizzes directly to learners while its user management
features provide for efficient management of multiple users with third-party

EdApp offers three social learning features to facilitate
group training sessions: Discussions, Assignments and the Virtual Classroom.
With Discussions learners can discuss topics in a forum-style chat forum; you
can enable or disable this option for specific user groups or have it available
to all. Assignments let learners complete tasks that allow for multimedia
responses from learners; you can even hold live training sessions via Virtual
Classroom which supports multiple video conferencing applications like Zoom,
Skype and Teams for live training sessions with your team!



Schoox is an employee learning platform designed around how
humans actually learn. With an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes
training content engaging and connect with colleagues easy for employees, its
social features promote collaboration and communication within organizations to
drive business outcomes and mitigate compliance risk. Schoox can be found both
iOS and Android platforms for maximum accessibility to everyone in an

Schoox can be tailored to the organizational structure of
any company, no matter its complexity. This allows managers to manage learning
for teams and departments by only giving access to relevant users;
additionally, Schoox may be activated or deactivated as necessary – Schoox’s
happy customers include global enterprises with thousands of locations and
complex structures as well as multi-nationals that operate in several different
countries simultaneously.

This platform also allows learners to access and take
courses on any device – including mobile. Its responsive design optimizes for
each device so students can start taking courses on desktop computers before
continuing them on smartphones without interruption. Microlearning content
provides bite-sized lessons suited for employees on-the-go – similar to how
people consume social media and digital content.

Schoox platform boasts not only core features but also
offers an array of apps and integrations. Its powerful search capabilities make
it easier for employees to locate information they require quickly.
Furthermore, there’s also an engaging gamification component which promotes
employee engagement while driving performance – and its flexibility means it
can be used across industries like retail and healthcare.

Schoox provides organizations of all sizes with an
effective learning solution that moves away from traditional, compliance-based
learning and toward something that unlocks employee potential and drives
business expansion. Schoox solutions can be implemented quickly compared to
legacy systems; furthermore they support employees, affiliates and customers
simultaneously with multiple languages and devices support.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard designed
for teachers and students that allows users to collaborate online or in class,
share projects offline and cloud sync projects across platforms – iOS and
Android devices alike are supported! Furthermore, this app comes with free
templates and tutorials for newcomers, making it an invaluable resource for
second language learning, where it can help develop creative visual
representations of abstract concepts.

One of the key advantages of Explain Everything is its
ability to record videos. This makes it an invaluable resource for creating
presentations, tutorials and other instructional materials as well as easy
integration into learning management systems – as well as providing feedback to

Explain Everything is distinguished by its vast space for
writing and drawing, providing teachers with more room to create projects
without fear of erasing or leaving room for new equations or drawings on the
board. Furthermore, various modes can easily be switched between to fit
different teaching styles or subjects.

The Explain Everything whiteboard is an effective tool for
revolutionizing student learning. By engaging students more actively in their
own learning process, retention increases and performance improves.
Furthermore, teachers can use it to deliver interactive lessons in an engaging
manner – for instance a math teacher could record video clips of his/her
lessons online and share them with their pupils online.

Explain Everything’s virtual collaboration feature makes
tutoring real-time possible in an increasingly busy world, for instance when
used with video conference services like Zoom to teach high school and
university-level physics, chemistry and mathematics tutors how to use video
conferencing alongside Explain Everything for tutee teaching sessions or as
email communication with their tutees. Furthermore, email is another means by
which this app connects tutors and their tutees – providing real-time tutoring
through email!


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