Pros and Cons of Co-Education

Pros and Cons of Co-Education

One of the ways that European countries
have taken to reduce the proportion of financial resources spent on university
institutions is to make education co-educational, whether in secondary schools
or universities. As this alleviated the pressure that would have been caused by
building separate schools for the sexes, many Arab countries later adopted this
idea, and from here began the dispute between people about the pros and cons of
co-education. What the consequences of this type of education will be in the
students’ estimation. Therefore, in this article, we will explain the most
prominent advantages and disadvantages in schools and universities.

Advantages of

an illustration that highlights the benefits and importance of co-education in preparing students for real-world interactions and challenges

Many people believe that co-education is
important, as all interactions in the outside world, whether work, shopping,
etc., involve mixing at the lowest level. It is family to work. Supporters of
this opinion say that co-education helps in quickly adapting to these changes.
It also makes students take responsibility.

We find that this type of education
guarantees the student a good professional future. As he will be ready to deal
with the opposite sex, supporters say that it increases the students’
confidence and he will overcome shyness.

Students in mixed classes also have an
increased level of competition among them. Therefore, their academic
achievement scores increase. In addition, co-education reduces the rate of
aggression among males and increases the strength of females.

Those who support this system say that it
eliminates the idea of ​​inequality between men and women, as the student gets
used to the fact that there are no differences between the sexes. They explain
that this student will learn cultures and deal with different societies and
races, thus opening his awareness.

Co-education from
the moral and material aspects

It is the fate of the male or female
student to work in a mixed environment. Therefore, getting used to mixing from
a young age creates a person who respects and accepts the opposite sex. Merging
students into one school also reduces the financial burden required to
establish two schools.

This is important in developing or poor
countries, where a gender may be deprived of school if a gender segregation law
is implemented. Do not underestimate this matter because it is a very important
factor in preventing bullying among students.

Disadvantages of

an illustration that explores the contrasting views on co-education, highlighting both the advantages and concerns associated with this approach.

One of the statements of those who oppose
the idea of ​​co-education is that it produces scandals in schools and
universities that may lead to the disintegration of families and communities.
Many clerics have called for the separation of education, but implementing this
matter in contemporary reality has become difficult. Surprisingly, there is a
book published by Western countries entitled “The West is retreating from

It prevents the development of educational
institutions to suit the needs of the sex, whether male or female. Separate
schools are developed to suit the needs of each sex and thus be more

According to a study conducted, it was
found that girls who study in separate schools achieved higher grades and
excelled more than their counterparts in mixed schools. Most girls in co-ed
schools care about their appearance and spend a lot of money and time on it.

Emotional effects: Many students have
crushes on the opposite sex in so-called teenage love stories and then things
become more complicated. The problems increase until the student becomes
depressed or miserable, and it may take a long time until their mental health
improves and returns to its previous state.

Students do not feel comfortable during
the lesson. When it is mixed, you as a student are forced to see pairs of
students sitting next to you. Also, many girls are forced to compete with
males, and this may not be preferred by many girls.

Harassment: Many students are exposed to
harassment at universities, where a deviant student happens to be sitting next
to one of the female students.

Co-education in the
opinion of clergy

Many clerics believe that mixing in
education is not valid and that it is better to separate. It has been observed
that many girls are killed in Arab countries for the purpose of shame, but the
matter is not published in this manner. Some tribes are afraid of shame, so
they resort to a doctor who determines the cause of death with other, unreal

In a study conducted by the University of
Cambridge on 856 male and female students in Jordan, it was found that the
majority of votes support the idea of ​​killing a daughter or sister who
disgraces her family.

This matter from the clergy falls under
the pretext of blocking pretexts, as co-education is co-educational. This does
not mean that lust will ever disappear between students and those who are
considered normal human beings, that is, this feeling is natural in them. The
more they are exposed to temptation at an early age, the greater their fall
into sin.

Society’s view of this type of education
is very different. Some believe that this generation is very open and aware of
things older than its age, as the phone and the Internet are the main factors
in this openness. This early knowledge is harmful to the student and society,
and therefore mixing is not recommended.

Co-education in

an illustration that depicts the complexities and challenges faced by university students in balancing academic achievement and emotional well-being

Is mixing in universities beneficial and
does not cause problems in achievement? Do you think that students at this age
will not be affected emotionally during education?

It is no secret that when students reach
the university level, they have greater awareness and responsibility. However,
we find some recklessness and emotional outburst in this segment. Specifically,
which makes her focus on finding a life partner and establishing romantic
relationships. Even if it is fleeting, some people at this stage think that
they are capable enough to bear the responsibility of starting a family. He
enters into relationships, appointments, and spends time and money, and this is
the biggest obstacle to him during his academic achievement, which negatively
affects his psychological state. This is more common in females and may
sometimes lead to depression.

Despite all these differences, we all
agree that mixing exists in our societies, whether at school, university, the
market, or work. The idea of ​​completely preventing mixing is difficult. If
the matter is regulated by laws, mixing will not constitute an obstacle to
education. These laws are found in the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet. A
student who lowers his gaze, whether male or female, and wears a respectful
uniform, will not face any social, emotional, or academic problems.

Also, dealings between males and females
must be based on situations. If they are in an education stage, it should not
go beyond the point of laughter, sessions, trips, and things that have nothing
to do with education. If they are at work, they must adhere to work tasks only
without using words that contain a kind of courtship and familiarity.

Rather, both parties must adhere to
seriousness and impartiality in making decisions and not lean towards someone
for personal, emotional reasons. Many Western countries establish laws and
regulations during work so that women are not exposed to attacks and problems
that occur during work.

Last Words

Co-education is one of the things that has
been established in many countries. As we mentioned, it has pros and cons, and
it is up to the educational institution that can compare these paradoxes and
conduct studies in countries to find out the ratio of benefits and harms, and
then choose the most appropriate for students. It is also a matter of personal
freedom for parents, as they can send their children to mixed or single schools
according to each person’s conviction.


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